Long live Two Are Better

Hi all! It looks like you were trying to visit our business website and instead ended up here on this page. That was intentional as we've closed our videography business. We loved filming weddings and young families, but the time came for us to focus on our own.

Our first child, Maverick, was born in early 2017 and we knew before he came that it wasn't sustainable for us to continue working as Two Are Better. We needed to reclaim the time we would both spend on weekends filming and recuperating the next day. Not to mention we wanted Mindy to be a full-time parent. She couldn't do that while still running our business during the week. Since we are fortunate enough to have that opportunity, we wanted to take advantage of it and make some changes to our lives together.

Now, you may ask where are my videos? Our website redirects you here, so how can you share with family/friends? Not to worry as we still have all the finished files from weddings and family videos backed up in multiple ways. But if you want to share your videos we'd recommend uploading them yourself to your platform of choice. You can use the copies on your flash drives, or ask us for the files again. 🙂

We're really enjoying our new family, Maverick is an amazing kid, and we're very thankful you'd trusted us to capture and create your own family heirlooms. We have videos and photos of our wedding, our first kid, etc… and know those will be extremely treasured moments captured for us to be able to look back on and relive. Reach out to us if you have any other questions!

Photos by: Joy Lane Photography & 604 Studios