Honeymoon – Day 2

Today was our first full day in Asheville and we had no specific plans! We’re flying by the seat of our pants on this trip. After sleeping in too late (I see a pattern here), we made our way to brunch at The Early Girl Eatery. We LOVE that so many restaurants here are locally sourced as much as possible and also offer many vegetarian options. Anyway, the food was to die for! I had a cheese, egg, and baked tempeh biscuit and also vegetarian gravy on the side. Ryan had a black bean cheddar omelet with sour cream and homemade salsa on top.

The next few hours we spent walking around downtown shopping! There are so many awesome stores with lots of goodies handmade in Asheville. We also stopped by the Sole Hope office, but no one was there. Thankfully I ran into Holly in another store and introduced myself! 🙂

Ryan needed a break from shopping (plus another rain shower came through) so we stopped at The Bier Garden and got a flight of some more local brews. As you can tell, Asheville is known for its food and beer! By that time, the shops were closing down for the day so shopping was over. Probably a good thing for my wallet!

We decided to head east on Blue Ridge Parkway and see what we would find. We didn’t find exactly what we were looking for (beautiful views of the mountains), but we did find pretty forests and houses. It was really peaceful and with the windows down and we breathed in fresh mountain air! 😉 We’ll get back on the Blue Ridge Parkway tomorrow.

Next we headed to dinner in the River Arts District at White Duck Taco Shop. Again, delicious!! We shared the homemade queso dip and each tried the black bean taco + the potato and mushroom taco. They had every kind of taco you can imagine!

Again, this was another calorie-rich day. I’m going to gain 20 lbs on this trip! We went for after dinner drinks at Wedge Brewery (also in the River Arts District) and tried more local brews. All the local beer has been so flavorful!

As if my stomach wasn’t stuffed enough, we went to French Broad Chocolate Lounge. It’s so popular that there was a line out of the door! Ryan got some chocolate cake and I got a chocolate drink and we brought it back to the house. I think I could only take 5 sips of mine. Too much good food/drinks to try, not enough room in my stomach!

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