Honeymoon – Day 1

Today our honeymoon officially started! Yesterday we just traveled from St. James to Knoxville. We got a late start and couldn’t quite make it to Asheville. That’s okay though, because while we were in Knoxville we had some delicious food and coffee. We had brunch at Tupelo Honey Cafe and got coffee to-go at Remedy Coffee. Then we were on the road and so excited to finally make it to Asheville! Thank goodness it was only 2 more hours of traveling.

It was so exciting to start seeing the mountains in the distance! I didn’t even fall asleep while Ryan was driving. We don’t see anything like that in Indiana. 😉 We made it to Asheville about 4:30 pm and went straight to “our” 1920’s Bungalo. It’s a house that someone rents out on AirBnb and I’m pretending it’s ours for a few days. SO gorgeous and comfy! I couldn’t be happier that we aren’t in a hotel.

After we got settled into our house, I was ready to go check out Asheville! We weren’t sure what to do first, but we ended up bringing our bikes downtown. After riding around a little bit, we realized that most shops closed at 6 pm. 🙁 Also, we got caught in a quick rain shower. We decided to put up our bikes and walk instead.

First we checked out the pub, Jack of The Wood. We had our first taste of a local brew and an appetizer of delicious BBQ chips. After debating over where to go to dinner, we decided to walk to Rosetta’s Kitchen, an all vegetarian restaurant. The reviews were all good, but we were disappointed. The vibe was strange there; a little too hippie/crunchy for us.

We ended the day with some local ice cream from The Top Hop. What a calorie-rich day! It was delicious though. I had salted caramel and Ryan had fresh ginger ice cream. They had vegan ice cream, which was cool!

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