2014 in 365 seconds

One of my New Year’s Resolutions of 2014 was to take more personal photos and video. Does anyone else feel like your life isn’t exciting enough to take photos and video of everyday life? Well, whether my day was extra special or mundane, I recorded a video on my iPhone every single day of 2014. I never forgot a day, although there were some close calls that sent me jumping up out of bed at 2 AM to capture a video. I chose just one second of the video per day and compiled it into a 6 minute video of the year (using the app 1 Second Everyday). It is so fun to watch the video and see a tiny part of each day. It feels like the year went by as fast as the video does. As you watch it, you’ll notice a common theme – food, pets, and friends and family. πŸ™‚

Here’s a few notable memories of 2014:

It was the snowiest and coldest winter I ever remember. The snow was pretty at first, but it stayed way past its welcome. Depression/anxiety set in and I had a rough month or two, but I got back on medicine and spring eventually sprung and all was better. I had never been so happy to see dandelions pop up out of the ground.

When we were stuck inside for the winter, we learned how to make some delicious homemade pizza and waffles. Later on in the year, I learned to make a poached egg, frittata, and granola. I tried to eat more veggies and fruit and less carbs and sugar.

I faced one of my biggest fears (dumb, I know) and got blood drawn for the first time I remember. I didn’t pass out!!!! πŸ™‚

In the spring, we had a squirrel problem in our attic and our house. Our cat Onyx caught two of them inside and then Ryan had to get a baby one out of our attic (that fell between the walls) with grill tongs!

Ryan went on a fishing trip in Mississippi with his Grandpa, went on a work trip to Chicago, and went on his yearly WooTrip to San Fransisco. I was blessed to be able to spend a lot of time in Missouri with my family.

We (okay, mostly Ryan) worked on our house. Our fridge died so that led to replacing all of our kitchen appliances. He replaced almost all of our light fixtures and installed 4 ceiling fans. We made a fire pit in our backyard and did some landscaping, in the form of 10 cubic yards of mulch. It literally took us all summer to get all the mulch shoveled off our driveway. He installed a wood stove insert into our fireplace, which is so awesome!

We planted a garden for the first time! We grew flowers, herbs, tomatoes, bell peppers, squash, green beans, pumpkins, etc. I think it was pretty successful – in getting every pest and disease there is. πŸ˜‰ Some bunnies even grew in our garden, hah. Nonetheless, it was a fun learning experience.

We spent a week in Missouri both at the beginning of July and beginning of August. I went to the Sole Hope retreat in St. James, then we visited Ryan’s Grandparents in Branson and went fishing on Table Rock lake, we went on a float trip down the river on my Dad’s 5th heaven birthday, and then celebrated my 26th birthday swimming/kayaking/fishing. Ahhh, summer!

We went to the Indiana State Fair for the first time.

We celebrated two years of marriage on August 25th.

Our Moms came to visit on Ryan’s 27th birthday weekend and we had a fun party with them and our closest friends.

We visited Holland, Michigan in October. It was so much fun! We rented a house through AirBnb, where a couple of our good friends joined us. The week consisted of exploring downtown, trying local breweries, coffee, and food, walking the beach, visiting a huge apple orchard, and filming a wedding in Saugatuck.

Our friend and talented photographer, Amanda, took our photos in a nearby apple orchard at the end of fall.

Ryan earned the most prestige award at WooThemes – The “Iron Ninja!”

At Two Are Better, it was our first full year of just video (no more photos). We filmed 12 weddings and 2 family documentaries.

Thanks 2014 for a blessed year!!! πŸ™‚

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  1. What a beautiful year! Shows blessings abound everyday even for just a minute!!
    I teared up watching.

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